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Step Three — Expanding Your Options

Setting Up A Weekly Schedule

The Weekly Schedule is used to activate specific extensions at predetermined times and days of the week. For example, Mobile Manager could route calls to your voicemail when your business is closed. To use the Weekly Schedule, select the day of week and time you want to activate each extension. The Weekly Schedule may be changed or turned on or off at anytime.

By Web:

To set up your Weekly Schedule:

  1. Click on the Call Manager tab.
  2. Select Weekly Schedule.
  3. Select the day or days you want to create a schedule for.
  4. Select the start time (time the extension will become active).
  5. Select the extension you wish to activate.
  6. Click "add."
  7. Repeat as necessary.

Note: When creating a Weekly Schedule, you must have more than one extension included in the list. (If you want to have one extension active all the time, there is no need to configure the Weekly Schedule.) Also, the Weekly Schedule allows you to configure start times. This means one extension is active until the next extension is scheduled to become active.


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