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Step Three — Expanding Your Options

On-The-Fly Conferencing

On-the-Fly Conferencing allows you to host an unscheduled conference call with up to 7 people at any time. There is no need to hang up, make a reservation, or send email invitations. You simply call the guests and add them to the conference. In order to host an On-the-Fly Conference, you need to place or receive a call through your Mobile Manager.

On-the-Fly Conferencing is useful for quickly resolving issues effectively, contacting the appropriate people, and quickly coming to group decisions.

By Phone:

To host an On-the-Fly Conference:

  1. Answer a call or place a call through your Mobile Manager.
  2. With the first guest on the call, touch #5.
  3. Touch in the phone number of the next guest. (Include the area code.)
  4. Wait for the guest to answer. If the phone number of the guest you are trying to conference is busy or unanswered, touch #6 to reconnect to the other guest(s) already in the conference.
  5. Touch #5 to conference yourself and your 2 guests.
  6. Repeat the steps above until all guests have been added to the conference.


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