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Step Three — Expanding Your Options

Call Connection

Your Mobile Manager can place callers on hold and notify you of the holding caller via pager, email, or digital cell phone. After being notified of the holding call, go to any touch-tone phone and dial your Mobile Manager to connect to the caller. If you are unable to connect to the caller, they are transferred to voicemail.

Connection Highlights:

  • Callers can stay on hold for up to 4 minutes before transferring to voicemail.
  • If unable to wait, callers may select to leave you a voicemail at anytime.
  • Music plays while the caller is on hold.
  • Caller ID shows you the phone number of the caller on hold.

Your Mobile Manager is NOT pre-configured with Connection Extension. However, you can add this by calling Customer Service.

Connection is a great way to be available to accept important calls while in a meeting or when you are away from your desk.


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