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Step Two — The Basics

Placing Outbound Calls

When logged into your account over the phone, you can use the Out-dial feature to place a call at anytime by touching 9 from any menu. Then, dial your 10-digist number.

Note: Local calls are subject to the local message unit charge where applicable. Long distance is only $.05 per minute, 30-second min, billed in six-second increments.

Out-dial Highlights:

  • Place local, long distance or international calls.
  • Use Rebound to return back to your Mobile Manager when finished with the call.
  • 10 easy-to-use Speed Dials that you set up via the Web.


After placing a call through Mobile Manager, you can quickly return to your Mobile Manager by touching ##. Using rebound saves you the effort of having to hang up, redial, and log back into your Mobile Manager.

Speed Dial

You can use the Speed Dial feature when placing calls through your Mobile Manager. The Speed Dial saves you time on dialing or remembering the numbers you frequently call. Before using your Speed Dial, you must first set it up via your online account.

By Phone:

To place a call once logged into your Mobile Manager using the Phone:

  1. From any menu, touch 9.
  2. When you hear the dial tone, touch in the desired 10-digit number.

To use your Speed Dial over the phone:

From any menu, touch 9 to get an outside line. Touch in the 2-digit code (90 through 99) for the desired number, followed by #. (For example, 9-91#, 9-92#, 9-93#, etc.)

By Web:

To set up your Speed Dial via the Web:

  1. Log into your online account and click the Speed Dial tab on the left of the page.
  2. Enter the name and number of the Speed Dial in the fields.

How To Reach an Associate Without Knowing His/Her Number:

  1. From inside your Mobile Manager number, press 9.
  2. Press 6 to dial by name.
  3. Wait for the prompt, then dial the person's last name followed by first name (at least 7 letters).
  4. You may be given a choice of names; if so, select the appropriate name.
  5. If your associate is using the Find-Me-Follow-Me option, you will be able to use this service to reach your party.


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