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Step Two — The Basics

Open Extensions

Open Extensions (extensions 40 and 50) are designed so you can enter a temporary "forward to" number on-the-fly, such as the phone number of a flex office, hotel or meeting room, or the Mobile Manager number of whomever covers for you while on vacation. OneCall recommends extension 50 when one agent covers for another while on vacation. This allows the caller to touch 0 to reach your associate or stay on the line to leave a message for you. Extension 40 direct forwarding to your associate is also acceptable, however all calls will go directly to your associate.

The "forward to" number you program into these types of extensions will automatically be erased as soon as you activate another extension.

Making Your Open Extension Active

Each time you select an Open Extension as your Active Extension, you will be prompted to enter a temporary "forward to" number.

From the Main Directory, touch (2) to direct your calls.

Enter the Open Extension number. (Either 40 or 50).

Enter the temporary "forward to" number. For example, your associates Mobile Manager.

Touch (*) (or hang up) to keep the extension you selected active until you activate another extension.

Note: You can also set a timer by touching in the hours and minutes that you want this extension to remain active. For example, for 1 hour and 30 minutes, touch 130. If you set the timer, you will be prompted to touch the 2-digit extension that indicates where you would like calls forwarded after the timer runs out.

Once you have forwarded your calls to another number, put a greeting on that extension:

 From the main menu

 Touch 8 for user options

 Touch 1 to record an announcement

 Enter the number of the extension you wish to record an announcement (40 or 50)

 Record your announcement

 Touch (*)  to complete

Suggested announcements

Extension 40

You have reached the Mobile Manager number of (your name) at (your company). I will be away from (               ) and returning (              ). Please hold while your call is forwarded to my associate (Name of associate).

Extension 50

You have reached the Mobile Manager number of (your name) at (your company). I will be away from (               ) and returning (              )   If this can wait, please stay on the line to leave me a message. If you need someone immediately, (Name of associate) is covering for me in my absence. Press 0 now and you will be forwarded his direct business line.


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