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Overview of Your
New Telecommunications Service

Congratulations on joining a rapidly growing family of OneCall customers who enjoy state-of-the-art communications! Our Mobile Manager service is powered by AccessLine Communications Corporation whose diverse customers include IBM, Sun Microsystems, American Express and PeopleSoft.

Besides the same convenience, dependability and customer support those companies enjoy, you have received an enhanced service tailored to the unique demands of on-the-go real estate agents and brokers.

In brief — Mobile Manager is an all-inclusive, affordable, unified messaging service that interfaces with your existing phone system, unifying landline, wireless email and fax. No additional hardware, phone lines or software is required. What's more, the number of calls you make/receive and the minutes you use is unlimited!

Mobile Manager Overview Chart

Mobile Manager combines a local (local to you) and/or toll-free number with advanced call management, voicemail and Internet fax, to enable customers to screen, place, forward, keep and respond to calls; receive voicemail; send and receive faxes; conduct inter- and intra-office messaging; and tailor multiple greetings for multiple scenarios to name just a few features. You will be able to manage and react to calls online, in real time, and from retrieved voice messages.

Take a moment to review some of the most popular features of Mobile Manager (below); then return to the Tutorial and learn how you can master the service:

Local and Toll-Free Numbers

You probably opted for either a number that is local to you or a toll-free number. In some cases, customers who live and work in different locations choose a local number in a different location.

Call Forwarding

When a call comes in, Mobile Manager manages it according to your preferences, which you set up, in advance, via phone or online account (where you can change your settings at any time). Calls can be automatically forwarded to cell phone, home, office, hotel, vacation home, Grandma's house — in short, wherever you designate.

Call Alerts

You can receive instant contact via email or cell phone text message the moment you get a new voice message or fax. You can even listen to your voicemail or view your faxes from inside your current email.

Call Management

When customers dial your number, they hear a recording (created by you) that prompts them to simply leave a message or dial an extension to reach you live, or a customized greeting that describes your particular availability at that moment (which you easily record while on the go).

Answering Calls

Direct callers to voicemail, varied extensions and/or unlimited phones based on your situation and location at the time. You're in control because you can program on-the-fly, or set partial or full schedules in advance as to where your number should ring.

Call Screening

Mobile Manager can alert you before connecting a call, giving you the option of accepting, rejecting or sending it to voicemail.


You can check your messages from anywhere when it's convenient for you — by phone, email, or your online account, then play them over your PC speakers. What's more, you get professional greetings (customized by you), multiple delivery options, the convenience of sending callers to voicemail in real time, and alerts of incoming calls.

Online Account

Manage your calls online, in real time. From your online account, you can return calls, update your extensions, change call forwarding, screening and notification routines, and more. You can also create and view histories of your calls and faxes.


You can receive faxes on your Mobile Manager number and view them when you have access to Internet or your e-mail. You can even direct them to any fax number anywhere, from any phone.

Storage Capability

Mobile Manager allows 85 minutes worth of messages stored for 60 days; each message's length can be as long as five minutes. (Compare that to the average capacity of a typical cell phone at 20 two-minute messages, kept for 21 days.)

Long Distance Calls

You will enjoy built-in domestic long-distance calling at only 5 cents a minute!

Cell Phone Savings

Like most agents, you probably: (1) want one number that reaches you 24/7, but (2) have found cell phones to be notoriously unreliable. . .yet, (3) will continue using cell because you are highly mobile. As a result, you started shopping for options. Also, like most of our customers, you probably compared features and prices line-by-line. As a result, you chose OneCall's Mobile Manager-hands down. So don't stop your cost-savings efforts yet! — In Step 4 of the Tutorial, you will learn how to use Mobile Manager to cut your cell phone bill.

Shared Success

Most people like to share their good fortune! If you do too, then send your friends to OneCall's corporate web site where they can sign up too!

~ ~ ~

That should be enough of a reminder that the service you are now using is powerful! We recommend that you return to the Tutorial now and learn about the many features and benefits as you go.